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The Services

You Need to Thrive

Whether you need accounting, bookkeeping or tax services for your individual or business needs, you can count on me to help you realize your financial goals.

When it comes to accounting, bookkeeping and taxes, most people would rather bury it at the bottom of a desk drawer than get it done. That’s because accounting tends to be a pain point for six-figure businesses and individuals who are working hard to serve clients and step outside their zone of genius to manage their books and battle with complicated tax forms.


So, what’s the solution? After all, the reality is the longer you spend trying to DIY your bookkeeping and taxes, the less time you’ll have to cater to clients (and find new ones). Oh, and the IRS will gladly come knocking at your door if you don’t pay what you owe each year, which means bookkeeping and taxes is NOT something you get to push to the side.


The solution : Hire me,  Ciera HaynesCPA.


Whether you’re a six-figure earner, a service-based entrepreneur or the financial decision-maker of your family, my accounting services will help you get ahead financially without the worry of drowning in penalties, fees and interest.


Virtual accounting and strategic financial direction to grow your business.

tax services

Feel secure with tax services that keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Listen, taxes, bookkeeping and accounting can be scary. But our approach is you should know exactly what’s going on with your money.


That’s why our services’ hallmark isn’t about just saving you money, reducing tax and accounting overwhelm or keeping your finances on track. It’s also about our dedication to partnering with you to help you become financially fit.

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